Growing your Business with Google AdWords

Google AdWords is an ad network that displays certain ads according to what word was searched.  In the recent eHub workshop, launch specialist Sharon Cuppett assisted attendees in setting-up a fully functional Google AdWords campaign, driving a targeted audience to your website using AdWords, and tracking progress on a campaign. Many key ideas and facts were taught in this instructional workshop, but 6 stand out over-all.

1. In addition to increasing awareness and directing people to your
site, Google AdWords can, most importantly, increase sales.

2. Use Google Traffic Estimator before buying certain keywords to test
out what related word on which searches your ads will appear.

3. When writing your ad, remember only 95 characters are allowed – so
summarize your message and use keywords.

4. By using a daily budget the spending can never get out of hand and
limits how many times your ad will be shown per day.

5. Check the analytics section often to track success and adjust the

6. Verify that ads are running, goals are being met, campaign is
profitable, and the quality score is good. Graphs and charts in this section
make tracking easy to read.

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