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Are you an entrepreneur who likes a good quote to start your day! Now you can start your day with advice from the likes of Steve Jobs, Larry page, Fred Wilson as well as the newest entrepreneurs to make it big like Peter Shankman.  Check out and this article in

Celebrating the Start-up Entrepreneur

A new website celebrates start-up culture by illustrating maxims and insights from successful entrepreneurs.

Plenty of entrepreneurs would give anything for start-up advice from the likes of Steve Jobs, Larry Page and Fred Wilson. That’s why Ray Chan and his brother Chris launched, a website that gives people in the startup world access to the wisdom of their idols.

The site features head shots of the world’s greatest entrepreneurs and innovators, above which is a speech bubble containing a single quote on what it takes to succeed. Since Startup Quote went live in April, it’s amassed more than 4,000 Tumblr followers, doubled its page views each month, and attracted attention from the founders of Foursquare, Twitpic and, among others.

Here’s a link to the full article:

Here is today’s featured quote:

“Because the majority of people out there are afraid to be different, it allows people like us to own the ball game.” –  Peter Shankman, founder of HARO

With the growth has experienced they will need to make sure Ray and Chris are featured on their own site!

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