The American Dream

At Gwinnett Innovation Park in Norcross, GA there are a number of innovators who are living their American dream. Companies like Wi-Ex, Lanham Assoc., ControlByNet, CoreCard Software and AquaPR have created products that are helping their founders and employees in finding the American dream.  However, the American dream means different things to different people.  Below is an excerpt from a Huffington Post article written by Jill S. Brown describing another version of the American Dream.

As Seen On TV: How to Make the Next Big Thing 

I think that old adage about the American dream being a house with a white picket fence is pretty stale. If you ask me, I think the new American dream is coming up with a great idea and making it a profitable success… then the house, the fence and if you’re a humanitarian, even a 501c3 may follow. Inventors are a special breed of person obsessed with solving problems and believing they can create the next big thing every person or household will need, want and use. The goal of most every inventor is to land a licensing deal and obtain manufacturing capital to turn their gizmo, gadget or concept into an overnight sensation. Products like Oxi-Clean, Sham Wow, Magic Jack, the Magic Bullet and the Snuggie have made a lucky few many millions of dollars.

Who knew an airline blanket with sleeves would become all the rage amongst college kids or a mini blender-food processor would become the hottest selling small home appliance? Well, someone had the prescience to know this and put the money up to market these products.

Some of these inventors have been in the game for years, but most were new to the pitching game. All of these inventors have one thing in common. They are all looking for licensing deals and help with manufacturing. Here are a few of the items that might catch your attention some night when you’re flipping channels at two in the morning.

A semiconductor engineer named Chris Anatasi is hoping his Quick Kut will be the next tool no household can do without. He created it for cutting open those frustrating factory sealed plastic encasings that your scissors are no match for. Did anyone see that Larry David scene against plastic packaging on Curb Your Enthusiasm? It could have been the commercial for this product.

Some inventors have spent a lifetime working on one pet project. Perhaps the cutest, crowd-pleasing invention was Elisa Nardulli’s “Lace Replace.” It’s a shoelace replacement system that puts cute little novelty buttons in the eyelets and has a zipper in between so there’s no more lacing up your shoes – you simply zip them up. She came up with idea 18 years ago when trying to teach her daughter how to lace her shoes. Also works for your grandma with arthritis! She doesn’t have a website but you can inquire at

Finally, how would you like a clip bag that yells at you when you’re about to dive into a bag of potato chips? A cross between a hallmark greeting card and a bag clip, the Record O Clip lets you record messages to yourself like, “step away from the Cheetos you lard and go to the gym”.

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