Forbes Most Powerful People

We like to think that we have some very influential leaders at Gwinnett Innovation Park.  After reviewing the Forbes list of the Most Powerful people, I was disappointed that none of our leaders like Bonnie Herron of Intelligent Systems, Lloyd Meese of Wi-Ex or Mark Abrams of Aspen Systems were in the top 10.  Here is the list of Forbes Top 10.  To see the complete list go to

Forbes 10 Most Powerful People

1.Hu Jintao – President, People’s Republic of China

2. Barack Obama – President of the United State of America

3. Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz al Saud – King of Saudi Arabia

4. Vladimir Putin – President of Russia

5. Pope Benedict XVI – Pope of the Roman Catholic Church

6. Angela Merkel – Chancellor of Germany

7.David Cameron – Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

8. Ben Bernanke – US Federal Reserve Chairman

9. Sonia Gandhi – President of Indian National Congress

10. Bill Gates – Co-Chair of Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

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