Inc Magazine: 11 Big Ideas to Watch in 2011

Sometimes it seems like technology is changing so fast. When I think back 20 years ago, I can’t believe we didn’t have some of the items that are now such a big part of my daily life.  I’m dating myself here but remember when Dick Tracy had the watch that he spoke into or the cool computer on CSI Miami where they just slide their hand and pictures are moving all over the tabletop computer screen.  I said to my husband the other day, that the CSI Miami computer doesn’t seem that unique now that so many people have the iPad technology and in January, I saw a copy of the Dick Tracy watch at CES. 

What does the future bring? Inc. Magazine is suggesting 11 Big Ideas to Watch in 2011. For the full article go to

1. Rethinking Retail – Online retailers, such as Groupon, have  begun to master the art of getting people to buy things they don’t yet know they want.
2. Paranoia, Inc. – Privacy and security are the new concerns,  transparency is so last decade
3. The Return of Hiring – Productivity is slowing down, which means companies will have to start hiring again.
4. Cash, Credit, or iPhone? – New companies are offering novel ways to pay, chiefly using smartphones.
5. Resuscitating Electric Cars – The electric car business is revving up, creating opportunities for a new generation of automotive suppliers.
6. An IPO Comeback – IPOs appear to be on their way back, thanks to Tesla, a host of other companies rumored to go that route in the near future.
7. The Battle for Your Living Room – Competition for your home-entertainment is getting serious with Google, Apple …
8. Bespoke Everything – Customization has been popular for years, eEven the luxury brands are catering to whims of the hoi polloi
9. A Facebook Backlash? – Will a backlash make a dent in the power of this social network? Eh, probably not.
10. Adding Bottom Lines – The three bottom lines are generally profits, people, and the planet
11. More Uncertainty – Entrepreneurs will have to plan for the best, the worst, and everything in between.
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