Gwinnett Innovation Park Congratulates the TAG Business Launch Semi-Finalists

Arrivu, AuditMyBooks, Viscid Technologies, and Soneter

Here is an excerpt from the community guest blog post by Katie Sewell.

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TAG would like to introduce you to a few of our Business Launch semi-finalists. The GRA/TAG Business Launch 2011 invited entries in the area of internet technologies. This included software and hardware companies that are developing products, online services, or backened technologies which extend the reach, flexibility and ease of the internet.


 Arrivu Technologies is leading the way of innovation in the application constructions layer. Arrivu lets a user build web applications using plain English, using Artificial Intelligence to achieve this.

AuditMyBooks is changing the way accounting professionals help small businesses protect themselves from accounting errors and fraud.  Their current product, Analyzer, uses anti-virus like technology to automatically scan accounting transactions to identify errors and fraud.  
First generation technology was launched as SaaS (Software as a Service) on the Intuit App Center in 2010 and quickly became one of the most popular apps.  Work on theirr 2nd generation technology is being supported by a National Science Foundation Small Business Innovation Research Grant.
Accounting professionals are already using Analyzer to grow their practices with new services for small business clients
Viscid Technologies
Viscid Technologies (ViscidTech) is an Atlanta based technology company founded in 2010 by Georgia Tech alums. ViscidTech is focused exclusively on commercializing a patent-pending pressure sensitive touch technology called ViscidTouchTM. ViscidTouch interfaces can be added to virtually any electronic device to give the device a rich sense of touch – mimicking the same sense of touch that humans experience.

ViscidTouch works by measuring the change in pressure in a grid of fluid cells as they are compressed during a touch event. The ViscidTouch interface then sends information about the location and pressure of the touch event on to the host electronic device for processing.
ViscidTouch interfaces can be used in simple applications like a pressure sensitive fast-forward button on a DVR remote control, and in very advanced applications like a pressure sensitive, multi-touch 3D touchscreen on a tablet or smartphone.
Business Description: Soneter is extending the smart grid to gas and water networks, as a “greentech” company that enables consumers to monitor consumption and modify behavior to conserve our natural resources.  Giving people the ability to save money on their utility bills while going green by empowering customers to monitor consumption in real-time and compare their usage with others while reducing their carbon and water footprints.

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