The 25 Facebook Groups For Entrepreneurs

At eHub you have the opportunity to interact with others in the office but for many, being an entrepreneur can be pretty lonely.  First you’re a staff of one and even when you start to grow, your workers just don’t understand the pressures of paying bills, meeting sales goals and all of the aspects of a new business.  That’s where a Facebook Group can be of help.  These are people who are going through the same difficulties you are facing and may have found a short cut or solution to a few of them.  Why not learn from the mistakes of others?

So if you’re feeling a bit isolated and in the Atlanta area try moving your offices to eHub and if you’re further away, look into one of these Facebook Groups for Entrepreneurs.  Two that look interesting to me are:

Web 2.0 Entrepreneurs: This group is for individuals interested in being part of the next web business boom. Anyone can join. We especially encourage those technically gifted individuals who are interested in joining up with new startups.

Entrepreneurs: The Entrepreneurs Page on Facebook is a place for entrepreneurs to meet and share ideas and resources.The rules for marketing and selling on social networks are still being written in large part. This page is for entrepreneurs who recognize this sales and marketing opportunity and choose to be pioneers in the new medium.

To see the full list compiled by Brandmaker News and to find the one that fits your situation go to:

Just remember to limit your time, these groups can be addictive.

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