Boost Your Brain And Give It A Break—At The Same Time

I don’t know about you but some days I feel like my brain could explode.  As an entrepreneur there is so much to do, 100’s of emails to read and respond too, people to call, projects to coordinate and while you are ticking off the never ending tasks you should also be brainstorming for that next great idea to spark your business to the next level.

Maybe that’s why this American Express Open Forum article about meditation by Matthew E. May really caught my attention.

Here are a few key sentences but to get the real benefit, read the entire article at:

– new research demonstrating that not only does meditation give your brain a mental pause, but it may also give your brain a mental pushup.

-meditation might make your brain bigger, faster and younger.

-mental relaxation enables the brain to effectively clear itself and reboot

-The result is new and sudden creative insight—those breakthrough moments when after steeping ourselves in a tough problem, the solution comes to us in an “aha” moment.

So if a younger, faster brain is of interest read this article and give meditation a try, it definitely sounds interesting to my over stressed and tired brain.

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