Keeping Your Home and Office Secure

As many of us are heading out of town for the long Labor Day weekend, keeping our home and business secure are frequently forgotten amidst the last minute scurry of loading the car and dealing with the pets.

This article from the Gwinnett Business Journal lists 5 tips for keeping your home and office safe while you’re away.  This is a good list but one item it doesn’t mention is a surveillance system that can be viewed on your iPad, iPhone or other smartphone while you are away.

ControlByNet (, one of the Gwinnett Innovation Park residents, provides a cloud based surveillance system that requires no DVR’s giving you the ability to monitor your home or office from the beach, the mountains or even your cousins wedding by simply checking your smartphone, computer or tablet.

Keeping Your Home and Business Secure – Jennifer Turk

A break-in can happen at anytime and criminals don’t care who they attack – they just want your stuff. Here are 5 home tips put together by Kwikset Smart Security to keep your family and home safe.
1. Make sure you have effective locks that are being used. Remember that not all locks are created equally. For maximum protection, choose high security locks. For example, locks made by Kwikset have features that protect against drilling and picking. Even the best locks can’t protect you if you don’t use them.

To see the other 4 tips go to the Gwinnett Business Journal at

Hope everyone has a safe and Happy Labor Day Weekend!

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