How You Can Benefit from Lesser Known Social Networking Sites

You’ve seen their icon in share buttons but do you know what they are or how you can benefit? Below is a list of less known but equally helpful/fun/cool social networking sites:


FriendFeed is a service that makes it easy to share with friends online. It offers a fun and interactive way to discover and discuss information among friends. FriendFeed lets you invite friends, and get an instant, customized feed made up of the content that your friends shared — from photos to interesting links and videos to messages just for you. And your friends get their customized feeds, full of the cool stuff that you’ve shared.

2. Dopplr

Dopplr is a service for smart international travellers. Dopplr members share personal and business travel plans privately with their networks, and exchange tips on places to stay, eat and explore in cities around the world. Dopplr presents this collective intelligence – the travel patterns, tips and advice of the world’s most frequent travellers – as a Social Atlas. You can use Dopplr on a personal computer and a mobile phone.

3. Diigo

Diigo is two services in one — it is a research and collaborative research tool on the one hand, and a knowledge-sharing community and social content site on the other. Diigo provides a browser add-on that can really improve your research productivity. As you read on the web, instead of just bookmarking, you can highlight portions of web pages that are of particular interest to you. You can easily share your findings, complete with your highlights and sticky notes, with friends and colleagues. A project team, a class, or a club can create a group on Diigo to pool relevant resources, findings and thoughts together.

4. BrightKite

Brightkite is the next generation of text messaging. It lets you chat with up to 25 people at once, for free. You can also share photos and locations. Brightkite works online and well as on a variety of phones using apps, text messaging and the mobile web. Plus, like FourSquare, you can get badges by sending messages and by including your location and/or pictures in your messages.

5. Sphinn

Sphinn (pronounced ‘Spin’) is a curated content site for search and online marketers. Sphinn accepts news tips and discussion topics from readers and aggregates the best of those with selections made by our editors to produce an ongoing look at the most important online marketing content each day. Sphinn is best used for discovering news stories and how-to articles and/or reading and participating in discussions with industry peers.

Are you using one of the sites listed or another less known social network site? We would love to hear about other hidden treasures of the web!

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