November is National Entrepreneurship Month

Entrepreneurs are the backbone of American ingenuity and November 2011 has been named National Entrepreneurship Month as part of President Obama’s Startup America initiative.   Additionally, the week of November 14 has been named Global Entrepreneurship Week.

Gwinnett Innovation has assisted entrepreneurs for the past 20 years and continues to do so through the Nspire Program that gives technology entrepreneurs a fighting chance.

Here is an excerpt from the proclamation.

November 01, 2011


From inventing the traffic light to developing the artificial heart, our
Nation’s doers, makers, and entrepreneurs have proven time and again that, in
America, it takes only a single good idea and the courage to pursue it to change
history.  In fulfilling this simple promise, these visionaries play a critical
role in sparking new industries, expanding our economy, and generating new job growth across our country.  This month, we celebrate the remarkable and everyday successes of our entrepreneurs and innovators, and we reaffirm our commitment to ensuring that our economy remains the engine and the envy of the world.

Earlier this year, my Administration launched the Startup America initiative,
which accelerates the success of our entrepreneurs by unlocking access to
capital, cutting red tape, and expanding mentorship and educational
opportunities.  The initiative works to improve the climate for all high growth
companies, and includes specific provisions to bring expertise and services to
entrepreneurial scientists, students, immigrants, and veterans.  Startup America
also coordinates action across the Federal Government to bolster private
investment in early stage companies, helping ensure that our best ideas have a
chance to get off the ground and into the marketplace.  By making it faster and
easier for entrepreneurs to turn new ideas into new businesses and new jobs, we
are building an innovation economy that will propel our Nation into the

To fast track our startups and enable them to bring products to market more
quickly, I signed the America Invents Act in September of this year.  This
essential legislation will help entrepreneurs and inventors secure a patent
three times faster than they can today, drastically cutting the time it takes to
roll out novel technologies and products.  The Act will also improve the quality
of our patents and do more to give entrepreneurs the protection and confidence
they need to attract investment, grow their businesses, and hire more workers.
We stand at a moment when our Nation’s economy must become more dynamic and flexible than ever before, and these reforms will help us meet this

To read the entire proclamation, go to:

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