Gwinnett Innovation Park Welcomes Eight New Technology Companies

It’s an exciting time at Gwinnett Innovation Park, as eight new technology companies move in and get acquainted.  The eight new companies include 8Bit, Core 3 Networks, Evgentech, Hosted Surveillance Solutions, JBOD, Iconic Data Systems, and Undercurrent Labs.

Tuesday was the first of many monthly meetings gathering all of the new companies together for a working lunch. Marcy Powers, General Manager of Gwinnett Innovation Park, kicked off the get acquainted luncheon which allowed each company to introduce their concept and the key people involved.

Leland Strange, President and CEO of Intelligent Systems Corp, was in attendance offering insights about previous Gwinnett Innovation Park startups  and asking key questions of the new technology companies. Bonnie Herron, CFO of Intelligent Systems, gave a brief overview of Gwinnett Innovation Park’s role as an incubator and it’s history in launching many successful companies.  Each company had an opportunity to introduce themselves and outline the status of their company.

The interaction among the participants was fun to watch with numerous positive comments, including several participants offering to help others in their personal area of expertise.  The pride and enthusiasm was inspiring and the future looks very bright for many of these hard-working entrepreneurs. (There was also a strong Georgia Tech fan base in attendance.)

Marcy and Leland closed the meeting with guidelines for the Founders Grant. The first gathering was well documented and we all look forward to seeing the evolution of each of these eight companies over the next year.

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One Response to Gwinnett Innovation Park Welcomes Eight New Technology Companies

  1. Chris Ames says:

    This was fun! So great to meet everyone else.

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