Atlanta Daybook: GIP Boosts Entrepreneurial Spirit with New Additions to the Nspire Program

Nspire Helps Atlanta Entrepreneurs on Their Path to Success

Gwinnett Innovation Park, a unique, affordable, low risk space alternative for start-ups, entrepreneurs, independent professionals and teleworkers, announced two additional Nspire Program companies, and Undercurrent Labs. Launched this summer, the eHub Nspire program helps boost and support Atlanta technology entrepreneurs by providing them with resources and benefits to help them succeed, including office space at Gwinnett Innovation Park ( at no cost for one year

“The Nspire program is designed to create a community of entrepreneurs, helping them on their path to success,” said Marcy Powers with Gwinnett Innovation Park. “We received an overwhelming response to the Nspire program and are excited to have and Undercurrent Labs join our growing Nspire community. We look forward to working with them on their journey from a start-up to a successful business.”, a persona management application for mobile and Web, enables an individual to easily manage their online persona across a variety of social networking sites. solves a problem faced by a growing number of social network users – presenting themselves in the manner that they desire. The innovative social management application allows users to populate, sync and access picture libraries from all their professional and private online profiles. overcomes a real pain point by relieving a user of the time and tedium required to manually repopulate all of the various social services and email addresses every time a user desires to change their online persona. Using, is both quick and convenient to sync all of your infor on-the-go from one linked, easy-to-use subscription-based service.

Michael Allenberg, co-founder and lead designer, recognizes the benefits of having office space in the eHub community, “Acceptance into Nspire will accelerate us through our bootstrapping and initial customer acquisition phase. An office at GIP, the sense of an operational anchor and the access to the considerable talent in the Gwinnett Innovation Park community is a perfect combination for an early-stage company working on a big idea.”

Undercurrent Labs ( is a software and content development company focused on enterprise mobile apps for the MedTech and streaming video markets. Undercurrent Labs is also currently developing augmented reality and location aware technology for mobile devices to help medical device manufacturers & hospitals reduce risk of accidents, complications and costs of operating complex medical equipment.

Many health-care institutions are interesred in presenting themselves as having the most advanced technological equipment, expertise, training and the latest treatment and testing modalities. Undercurrent Labs’ software and mobile apps will offer training tools to help ease the learning curve and help reduce the staggering consequences of the complexity of medical device technology.

John Penn, CEO of Undercurrent Labs, is most looking forward to the potential networking possibilities, “I hope to meet with other founders to learn, share experiences and professional advice on many aspects of business. Our goal is to have Undercurrent Labs well-positioned in order to continue to innovate and grow.”

Nspire is designed to provide Atlanta-based technology entrepreneurs with the resources and facility to succeed. Applications are taken on an ongoing basis. For more information or to download an application to become part of the Nspire Program email

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