eHub Nspire Companies Are Part of Gen-Y’s Entrepreneurial Spirit

Gwinnett Innovation Park’s eHub is proud to be the home of several Gen-Y start up companies as part of the Nspire Program.  These types of companies are truly the key to improving our economy and the future success of our country.

Can Gen-Y’s Entrepreneurial Spirit Revive The Economy?

November 30, 2011 by Dan Schawbel

Make no mistake that Gen-Y is the entrepreneurial generation, but we’ve also been called “Generational Jobless” by The Wall Street Journal. The unemployment rate for Gen-Y is nearly double that of older demographics, which is why some young people are pursuing careers as business owners instead of corporate employees. Young people want freedom, flexibility and to have an impact on society in one form or another. Although a corporate job can be a great training ground for young people to learn new skills, make connections and gain credibility in their field, Gen-Y would rather take a risk than submit another resume. In fact, a new survey by the Kauffman Foundation reports that 54 percent of the nation’s millennials either want to start a business, or have already started one.

This generation is enthusiastic about entrepreneurship and more and more schools, such as Stanford, are teaching the topic in classrooms. The government should be happy because small businesses create jobs for the economy. Entrepreneurship is one of the keys to getting this economy back on track and high growth startups can offset enterprise hiring freezes. Also, startups can help grow entire industries that didn’t exist before.

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