eHub Adds Iconic Data and Evgentech to the Nspire Program

eHub Nspire Program Experiences Continued Success

eHub Adds Iconic Data and Evgentech to the Nspire Program


Gwinnett Innovation Park, a unique, affordable, low risk space alternative for start-ups, entrepreneurs, independent professionals and teleworkers, announced the addition of Iconic Data, Inc. and Evgentech to the Nspire Program. The eHub Nspire program helps boost and support Atlanta technology entrepreneurs by providing them with resources and benefits to help them succeed, including office space at Gwinnett Innovation Park at no cost for one year. Iconic Data and Evgentech join, Hosted Surveillance, Undercurrent Labs, JBOD Storage Solutions, 8BIT and Core 3 Networks.

“The Nspire program provides us with the opportunity to connect with Atlanta-based entrepreneurs and help them on their path to success,” said Marcy Powers with Gwinnett Innovation Park. “Iconic Data and Evgentech join our growing Nspire community at Gwinnett Innovation Park and we look forward to working with them on creating a successful business.”

Iconic Data Inc. is the developer of ICON-PLM™, a Patient List Manager (PLM) software system used by physicians at the point of care. The ICON-PLM provides physicians with a secure, cloud based solution improving their ability to deliver high quality patient care and increasing the efficiency of their clinical and back office operations. The PLM harnesses data that empowers the physician with real-time clinical intelligence and supplies office managers with more organized and timely information improving many aspects of the practice, including its financial performance.

“As a growing company, Iconic Data was looking for a central location to call home,” says David LaBorde, a physician and founder of Iconic Data Inc. “Gwinnett Innovation Park has a history of success and we look forward to learning from the experience of other entrepreneurs that have built profitable companies in this facility.”

The Iconic Data cross-facility physician data management platform assists physicians with obtaining a 360 degree view of their patient care activities across multiple hospitals and clinics with disparate IT systems that do not communicate. The solution provides secure, anytime, anywhere access to data previously siloed at the facility level in a one-stop solution accessible via any web enabled device including the iPad, iPhone, and Android based devices; it also requires no special software. No longer will physicians be at the mercy of multiple gatekeepers and hospital IT personnel for critical insights they need to best care for patients. The platform is subscription based, HIPAA compliant and can be purchased by individuals, group practices, hospitals, and academic medical centers. The subscription pays for itself by improving charge capture and shortening the revenue cycle.

“We are very excited about leveraging data to improve healthcare”, adds LaBorde. “Better data results is better medicine. ICON, our patient list manager system, was conceived based on pain points I experienced firsthand, in the clinical world while practicing medicine.”

Evgentech is a licensing company with a patent pending fast charging technology that allows batteries of all types and capacities to be charged faster than previously believed possible without damaging the battery or the device. Evgentech’s battery charging technology also improves the efficiency of battery charging. Nathan Hunter and Kamani Lloyd, the co-founders of Evgentech, invented the technology at the dining room table as a result of 10 years of personal scientific inquiry. The technology has the potential to create the standard for battery charging in a wide variety of devices. Evgentech plans to offer its technology broadly for licensing into a large number of vertical markets.

“We are excited about the move to Gwinnett Innovation Park”, says co-founder, Nathan Hunter. “It provides us a good change of pace and helps our discipline by getting us out of our houses. Being around other entrepreneurs with more experience is very appealing, plus there are no barking dogs interrupting our conference calls.”

The two self-taught technologists started with energy transfer circuits and then switched focus when they unexpectedly found that they could not only charge batteries, but charge them fast without damaging effects. Their technology works by combining novel circuit arrangements and specialized waveforms to make the battery self-regulating. Realizing that protection from copying was a critical aspect of developing their company, Evgentech brought on noted intellectual property expert, Jackie Hutter as an advisor at an early stage and later named her as CEO.

“We realized that there is an acute need for this technology, such as to reduce the weight of batteries carried by soldiers on the battlefield. We are now in talks with a number of defense contractors and are hopeful that our technology could be helping save lives in as little as two years,” says Jackie Hutter, CEO of Evgentech.

Nspire is designed to provide Atlanta-based technology entrepreneurs with the resources and facility to succeed. Applications are taken on an ongoing basis. For more information or to download an application to become part of the Nspire Program

About Nspire Program and Founders Grant: The eHub Nspire Program helps give Atlanta-area entrepreneurs a fighting chance to become a successful business. It plans to give back to the entrepreneurial community by allowing a limited number of companies to establish an office in Gwinnett Innovation Park at no cost for one year. Designed to provide Atlanta-based technology entrepreneurs with the resources to succeed, the Nspire Program includes monthly face-to-face time with a successful serial entrepreneur, access to marketing and public relations advice and the opportunity to establish an office in Gwinnett Innovation Park. Nspire Program companies and new Gwinnett Innovation Park companies are eligible for the quarterly Founders Grant which rewards entrepreneurial excellence and helps deserving companies continue on their path to success with a $25,000 – no strings attached – stipend. For more information or to download an application to become part of the Nspire Program email

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