Motivational and Interesting Books to Start off the New Year

New Years Resolutions out the door?  I’m not sure I even made mine, they were just abstract thoughts that  got lost while getting my kids back to college and preparing for the Consumer Electonics Show.

All is not lost.  I have two great book recommendations that can put you on track for 2012.  My husband works for a large corporation and these books were passed to him by his boss, he liked both and suggested that I read them too.

The first is The Energy Bus – 10 Rules to Fuel Your Life, Work and Team with Positive Energy by  Jon Gordon.

This book is a Wall Street Journal Bestseller and is in story format making it so much more interesting.  I read it in one sitting several nights ago. I’m sure all of us can see parts of ourselves in George and maybe we know someone like Joy, the bus driver.  The new phrase at our house is “Let’s get on the Energy Bus”.  Our 15 year old just rolls her eyes.

The second book is the Go-Giver – A Little Story About a Powerful Business Idea by Bob Burg and John David Mann

I read this book in December and it is also in story format.  If your business is struggling to get new customers or to get your first customer, this is a good read based on the proverb “Give and you will receive”.  It’s also good if your marriage, friendships or family life could use a little extra help.  I think that’s just about all of us in this crazy busy world of ours.

What business or motivational books have you read lately?  If none is your answer, here’s a place to start.  If you have read something recently, please share it in the comments. I plan to give The Energy Bus to several friends, who are great encouragers.  I want them to know they are my Joy and CEO (Chief Energy Officer).

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