Entrepreneurs Come in all Sizes and Ages

Last week I wrote about entrepreneurs at the university level.  Little did I know, I would be writing  about middle and high school entrepreneurs this week.

First is Maya Penn, daughter of Nspire’s own, John Penn, Founder of Undercurrent Labs. The second is Anand Srinvasan, a 10th grader at Roswell High School, who is presenting his science fair project at the White House today.

John Penn writes to tell us about his daughter, Maya’s success as an enterpreneur. She was recently featured on Channel 5 news in Atlanta this week and also in Forbes Magazine.

John: This story about my daughter Maya, was on the news this week on channel 5, Maya representing the entrepreneurial spirit and values that my wife and I have taught her.   I can’t help being a proud dad.    

Best Regards, John Penn – Undercurrent Labs

To see Maya in action go to the following article and video.  It’s worth the time.


While watching Maya’s video interview, I was very impressed with how poised she is at such a young age and her fashions are quite lovely. Congratulations to John and his wife.  Thank you for sharing Maya’s story.

At the high school level is Anand Srinvasan, a Roswell High School Student/Scientist, who will be meeting President Obama today at the White House.

The first Friday of each month, I work at my daughter’s school as a greeter at the front door.  Last Friday, I was fortunate to meet Anand who was telling the Roswell High School faculty about his last minute trip to the White House to show his science fair project, which examines the use of electroencephalography (EEG) and prosthetic technology to make a more functional artificial limb

To read the entire story about Anand go to:  http://roswell.patch.com/articles/roswell-high-student-scientist-to-meet-president-obama-tomorrow

Both of these students have bright futures, somehow this just feels like the beginning of many new creations to come.  Well done Maya and Anand.

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