Tools of the Trade for Entrepreneurship in 2012

Tools of the trade, I instantly think of hammers and wrenches, maybe a power saw or drill but the tools of the trade for an entrepreneur are very different.  The eHub Nspire Companies at Gwinnett Innovation Park are using tools that are much more technical in nature.

To learn more about these technical tools, read the following excerpt from an article posted on The Small Business Authority to discover the Tools of the Trade for Entrepreneurship in 2012

The folks at Time are already making their best guesses for the 2012 person of the year[1]: The Entrepreneur. Add that to the results of this month’s SB Authority Market Sentiment Survey, which showed that a majority of small-business owners are optimistic about the New Year, and 2012 looks like it has a chance to be a breakout year for the independent business owner.

So what can you do to give yourself the best chances at success this year? We’ve come up with our own list of important tools for entrepreneurship in 2012. Hint, it’s heavy on tech.

1. Technology Fluency (learn to speak geek)

In today’s economy, you need more than just great business sense. You need some tech chops, too.

It’s not just that many of today’s big-named entrepreneurs hail from Silicon Valley—high technology is now a critical component in just about every industry, and at every size and level.

And when we say technology, we don’t just mean gadgetry and social media. You’ll need some fundamental understanding in areas such as web and application development, networking, servers, and more. This will enable you to communicate your vision with not only any internal technology staff that you bring on, but also freelancers and/or third-party firms that you contract out to.

An understanding of IT, and knowing what it is (and isn’t) capable of doing, will also help make your operations run more efficiently.

Where to start?

One of the best ways to learn about web development, servers, databases, basic programming (and so on), is to get your hands dirty. Consider building a WordPress site on your personal computer and then deploying it to a live server. There is a ton of help documentation and books out there that can walk you through the steps. WordPress, conveniently, is a great application to work with for both newbies and hardcore web developers.

2. Google+ (and newer new media)

With a fraction of the user base that Facebook possesses, you might be wondering why we’d be giving Google+ the time of day on this list.

The simple fact is Google, for better or worse, dominates search. And for that reason alone, Google+ demands that we pay attention. Case in point: when a Google user adds your Business’s Google+ profile to one of their ‘circles’, any relevant keywords related to your website will rank significantly higher for that user from that point on. In other words, Google’s algorithm puts a ton of weight on Google+. This is something Facebook can’t do.

Where to start?

Set up a Google+ page for your business or brand and create incentives for clients/contacts to start engaging with you on the social-media site.

To discover the rest of the tools and where to start go to

On a personal note, unknowingly I did several of these 10 days ago when I created a Google website and Google blog for a small business I own and then updated all of the Google, Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter profiles.  I learned so much about the working of all of these sites after experiencing the excitement of success and the angst of something I just worked on disappearing or formatting in a way that I couldn’t correct. Bottom line, it increased by technological confidence and definitely sharpened my tool set.

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