Is Your Product Ready for Market?

Over the last month, the Gwinnett Innovation Park – Nspire companies have been giving updates on the status of their products.  Some of the Nspire companies are in the beta stage while others have already launched.  One of the major questions is determining when the product is ready to launch.  The following article by Jason Fried on offers some tips to help entrepreneurs determine when their product is market ready.

Is Your Product Ready for Its Close-up?

You’ve been working on something for months. You’ve gone through dozens of iterations, countless tweaks, tons of testing. You’re pleased with the results but can’t quite let go: Is it really ready for its debut?

Good question. In fact, this is one of the hardest questions an entrepreneur can face—because it is almost impossible to answer.

In general, here’s how software firms test for doneness. At the outset of a project, the company drafts something called a functional specifications document, or spec. The spec clearly documents what the product requires in order to be considered shippable. Once the items on the spec have been checked off, the product is ready to go.

This method works. But I’ve never much liked it, mostly because it requires you to define the finished product months or even years in advance. So we’ve always taken a different approach. We define, in general terms, the problems we’re trying to solve and begin by designing around those. We don’t try to predict the product’s final form, or even its full feature set. The only thing we know is where to begin.

And that means we never really know where to end. In fact, in theory, a software project could go on indefinitely.

To read their solution go to:

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