eHub Nspire Company: 8 Bit’s Standard Theme Selected by WordPress

8BIT ( is one of the eight Nspire companies in the eHub area of Gwinnett Innovation Park.  Ask 8BIT what they do and they will say they craft fun but they’ve also created a great product called Standard Theme.

8BIT’s flagship product Standard Theme has been selected as’s 5th partner organization, releasing  Standard Theme into the WordPress Premium Theme Marketplace.  This is a major win for 8BIT and the product is so good and easy to use that another Gwinnett Innovation resident company, AquaPR, has purchased it and is using it for several of their client’s websites and blogs.

8BIT has four team members who like to craft fun, they are John, Chris, Tom and Jared.  We have to agree since they have added a whole new level of excitement to the eHub office area including a complete overhaul of their office space.  No more cubicle desks, they have a lounge with a sofa, table, guitars, and graffiti on the wall.

To see and hear more about 8BIT click here to listen to 8BIT’s John Saddington.

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One Response to eHub Nspire Company: 8 Bit’s Standard Theme Selected by WordPress

  1. Terrell Fears says:

    WordPress blogs are the best because it can be easily customized to any specifations and it has so many widgets. “””* Yours trully ailments blog site

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