Gwinnett Innovation Park Welcomes NBIA members from Around the World

Wednesday, May 9th, Gwinnett Innovation Park was pleased to welcome over 100 NBIA members, from 28 countries, in Atlanta attending the NBIA’s 26th International Conference on Business Incubation.

A Tour of Georgia Incubators was the finale of the three day event.  Gwinnett Innovation Park was included on the tour with the following description:

The Gwinnett Innovation Park, located in a suburb of Atlanta, is the longest-running privately funded incubator program in the country. The program provides entrepreneurs with access to office and manufacturing space, telecommunication and network infrastructure, a community of entrepreneurs, business advice and planning, and financial capital. Since 1990, the program has been home to almost 85 companies. Its client, ChemFree Corp., received NBIA’s 1999 Client of the Year award, and in 2010, another client, Wi-Ex, received the award

The attendees were so impressed with the tour that during the presentation, one member said, “It appears you have an incubator heaven”.

As an additional surprise, Bonnie Herron was honored with the“2012 President’s Award for Lifetime Achievement in support of the business incubation industry”.

Overall, a very exciting and rewarding day at Gwinnett Innovation Park.

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