Monday – Good Day or Bad?

You just had a great weekend and now it’s Monday morning and to some that already implies a bad day.  Many of us will have something happen to us early in the day, whether it’s bad traffic on the way to the office, an argument with a family member on the way out the door or a call from a customer cancelling an important order. These are all situations that can ruin a day.  Need some suggestions to change your day and your attitude? A recent article offers seven ways to improve a bad day.  –  Positive Thinking: 7 Easy Ways to Improve a Bad Day

Don’t let a bad morning ruin your entire day. Use these mental tricks to change your momentum. Had a lousy morning? Things looking grim? Not to worry. The rest of your day need not be a disaster. It can in fact become one of your best, providing you take these simple steps:

1. Remember that the past does not equal the future.
2. Refuse to make self-fulfilling prophesies.
3. Get a sense of proportion.
4. Change your threshold for “good” and “bad.”
5. Improve your body chemistry.
6. Focus on what’s going well.
7. Expect something wondrous.

For specific details read the entire article.

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