Productive Brainstorming


Want to get the most out of your company’s brainstorming efforts? Traditionally, small business teams would meet together and discuss ideas in an effort to group problem solve.  This approach has been used repeatedly, but more often than not, it is not very productive. Nadia Goodman writes in Entrepreneur that this method does not work because group members influence each other’s suggestions and feed off of one another’s ideas rather than encouraging creativity.  She outlines four steps that encourages independent and creative input.

  • Think independently – Each team member is to consider ideas before meeting with the group and submitting several of their best ideas.
  • Share all ideas – Ideas are assembled in a shared document or group email for all to review
  • Review separately – Team members are asked to review all ideas and consider advantages and potential
  • Discuss together – This is where the productive brainstorming can take place.  All members have heard and evaluated many ideas ahead of time and can discuss pro’s and con’s with the group.

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The Nspire entrepreneurs and resident businesses at Gwinnett Innovation Park regularly engage in brainstorm sessions.  These tips should help future brainstorm sessions be more productive.

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