eHub and Core3Networks Featured on Venture Atlanta

Venture Atlanta conducted a recent roundup of coworking facilities in the Atlanta area including our own eHub ( The article also features a video interview with Chris Horne, founder of Nspire resident company, Core3Networks.


A coworking space is to a startup as the gym is to an Olympic athlete. Both are places to work, grow and achieve.

Coworking is a way of working in which different members of a team, who may not work for the same employer, come together in a shared environment to collaborate. It can also refer to the gathering of a group of people – freelancers, entrepreneurs and remote workers for corporations, etc. – who share similar values and believe in the synergies that can come from working in the same space as like-minded individuals.

Meet two Atlanta coworkers and what they have to say about their experience.

Click here to read the complete article including a chart which shows the benefits of the various coworking spaces including eHub.


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