Olympians and Entrepreneurs – Shared Success Strategies

It’s very hot in Atlanta, so we are staying indoors and enjoying the Olympic Games.  I love hearing the background stories on the athletes. Many of the same characteristics of a winning athlete can also be used by entrepreneurs to create a successful business. Entrepreneur.com posted a recent article by Kara Ohgren outlining 10 success strategies that represent positive and inspiring approaches to both business and athletic success.

Successful entrepreneurs are actually very similar to Olympic athletes. Both entrepreneurs and athletes work tirelessly for years, if not their whole lives, to attain their objectives and then continue to compete to stay at the top of their game. Both have many struggles to overcome along the way, fierce competition to challenge them, and the negative outlook of critics to prevail over.

At the Summer 2012 Olympics in London the best of the best in the athletic world are competing. Ten of the greatest American Olympians, both past and present, offer the secrets of their success.  Many successful entrepreneurs share similar approaches.

  1. Stay laser-focused on your goals, despite what your skeptics may say. (Michael Phelps, Swimming)
  2. Don’t back down from the competition — they will likely bring out the best in you. (Mary Lou Retton, Gymnastics)
  3. Never give up. When great obstacles arise, pick yourself up and get back in the game. (Greg Louganis, Diving)
  4. Giving back goes a long way. (Jackie Joyner-Kersee, Track and Field)
  5. Be nimble. When something isn’t working, change your strategy quickly and get back on track. (Mark Spitz, Swimming)
  6. Always be promoting and selling yourself. (Carl Lewis, Track and Field)
  7. It’s never too late to realize your dreams. (Dara Torres, Swimming)
  8. Never count out the underdog. (Jesse Owens, Track and Field)
  9. Creating a unique, memorable identity will take you far. (Michael Johnson, Track and Field)
  10. Assemble a top-notch team. (The Dream Team, Basketball 1992)

To read the complete article go to http://www.entrepreneur.com/slideshow/224076#1

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