Contract MBA Students for Individual Freelance Projects

Nspire Companies, Start-ups and Small Businesses: MBA Project Search is a  new resource to access the assistance of MBA students.

  • Are you a small business trying to make the leap to the next level but don’t have the money to hire top talent?
  • Are you an entrepreneur looking to get off the ground?
  • Are you a well-established firm with complex tasks that need immediate attention and no time to get them done?

How about hiring a top-tier MBA student to complete your projects on a freelance basis?

Go to MBA Project Search for help

Here’s more info:

1. Is there a charge to post?
There is no charge for businesses to do a basic post. For optional premium services, there is a small fee. If you would like to feature your project on the site, there is a fee of $10.00. If you choose to do sealed bidding or to hide your project from search engines, there is a $5.00 fee for each of these services.

2. What other charges are there?
The site allows for payment via PayPal, and PayPal charges do apply. There are two ways to make a payment to project winners using the site, and each way will have different PayPal charges. Posters may pay directly to the project winner after the work is complete, not using the site escrow fee. In this case, a PayPal fee will be extracted from only from the amount paid to the winner (the winner will receive the winning bid amount minus PayPal charges), but not from the poster. If the parties elect to use the escrow system, the poster will have a PayPal fee applied by the site itself when crediting his or her escrow account, and thus will have to pay roughly 3% above the total amount of the winning bid to get enough credits to pay for the project in entirety. If you so choose, you can use alternative means to make payment outside the site, however the project may receive fewer bidders if payment is not covered by the site’s escrow system.

3. How are payments made?
There are several ways to pay for projects. Under the My Account Menu, select Payments. You will see relevant options including, “Deposit Money,” “Make Payment,” and “Deposit Escrow.” To pay for a project using this menu, you must first deposit money into your account. You will be redirected to your PayPal account; pay the amount you would like credited to your account (keep in mind that PayPal fees will apply). You will receive credits, and you may pay for a project using your account credit balance. You may also use these credits to escrow the winning bid amount to the project before the project winner starts to work. This gives the project winner assurance that the project funds are available. The site will hold the money until authorized by the project poster to release funds.

Another way to pay for projects is by selecting the “Project I need to Pay” tab under the Seller Menu. You can pay by credits, but keep in mind the credits have been debited a PayPal fee upon paying for them. Alternatively, you may select the PayPal option and you will be redirected to PayPal where the project winners PayPal details are populated, and you will pay direct to the project winner without using escrow or credits. PayPal will extract a fee from the total amount paid to the winner.

4. As a project poster, how do I ensure satisfactory work?
Bidders can post résumés to go along with their bids. You can select based on best fit by résumé or any additional documentation the project bidder deems relevant. Also, each bidder has feedback tied to his or her account. After the project is complete, you may leave feedback for the project winner that future posters can assess.

5. Can I hire a group, or just an individual?
You may hire a group or an individual. We encourage bidders who want to work as a group to alert the poster and send along a résumé and any additional documentation for each member of the group. You may also specify when posting whether you prefer an individual or a group.

6. Do I have to select the lowest bidder?
No. You can select any bidder. Some applicants may be more qualified than others, but might submit a higher bid. Simply select whom you think provides the most benefit regardless of cost, or, if you so choose, the lowest cost in spite of qualifications.

7. Where do I register?
Locate the “Sign Up” link under the “How it Works for Business” tab. Registration is easy and free.

8. What about NDAs and Non-competes?
Currently, we would prefer that you provide your own legal documentation to protect proprietary information. Though, we do have generic documents for you to use.

9. Do I have to post detailed/sensitive information?
No. Post as much or as little detail about the project as you want. You may provide more pertinent data to the winner after developing a greater level of comfort with him or her or as the proper legal safeguards are put in place (i.e., NDA, non-compete, etc.). Bidders can post résumés along with their bids, so you should be able to gauge qualifications even without providing much information about your project when posting.

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