Eight Characteristics Of High Achievers

Some people seem to succeed in everything that they attempt.  This isn’t really by accident or just luck.  There are qualities that high achieving individuals have or can develop.  Nina Grunfeld writes in Entrepreneur Country “How to be a High Achiever.”  She outlines these 8 tips for high achievers:

  1. High Achievers keep their mind and surroundings tidy – “High Achievers have clear minds, clear thoughts and a clear desk, ready to go.”  Try to stay organized so you are ready to tackle tasks right away.
  2. High Achievers notice what they achieve – “If you make a plan and follow it through, you are and you feel successful.”  You can start off slowly with a few goals.  As you see your accomplishments, you will soon be setting higher goals and reaching them.
  3. High Achievers get the job done – “High Achievers don’t waste time procrastinating. High Achiever don’t say ‘I’ll do it in a minute’ or ‘I’ll do it later’ or even ‘I’ll do it next week’.  They do it now!”  Taking on this approach will enhance the feeling of accomplishing goals and seeing these results much more quickly.
  4. High Achievers focus on the positives – ” High Achievers think about what’s going right and build on that. Even when things go ‘wrong’, they learn from their mistakes.”  Focusing on negatives can only slow you down and destroy confidence.  Stay on the positive path and keep forging ahead.

To read all 8 tips got to: http://www.entrepreneurcountry.com/news-features/betterbusiness/item/2307-how-to-be-a-high-achiever

These tips can help you in the ongoing attempt to be successful and become a high achiever.  Some of these qualities will come more naturally than others, but all can be developed.  Success is not up to chance or luck.  You can make it happen.

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