Core 3 Networks Founder Creates Social Media Platform Exclusively For Small Business Owners

Chris Horne, CEO and Founder of Core 3 Networks and one of the first Nspire Program members to move into the eHub area of Gwinnett Innovation Park, has developed a new business to business (B2B) social media platform designed to help connect small business owners within their local community. Click to view Chris Horne’s Gwinnett Innovation Park video testimonial.

The website,, debuted on August 20th with a private showing in downtown Duluth; signing up approximately fifteen beta companies still using the site today. gives business owners the ability to showcase their company portfolio, publish content through use of publicly accessible blogs, and create an online store all within their easy to manage profile. However, the most notable element that sets the site apart from other social networking sites:  a detailed referral tracking and rating system.

“We are adding an additional method of communication helping you stay connected within your existing leads groups. Rather than passing leads on paper, we have created an easy to use process to send, track and review leads sent from one member to another.”, said Chris Horne, Founder and Lead Developer of the innovative platform.  “We still believe one hundred percent in the value of face-to-face social interaction; however there should be a continued sense of connectivity after a networking event is over. When a product or service is needed, we want our local community business owners to think ‘Who is the {Web Developer} in my network’, as an example.”, Horne added.

The site also features easy to use Google Checkout integration that allows business owners to add a shopping cart and take credit cards online. Owners can create an account, start or join a business network (public or private) in their area, set up their business profile, link social media accounts, and communicate with members in the community at no cost. A current monthly rate of approximately $10 USD/month is required to access the leads/referral system, create a store to take credit cards or obtain quote requests, and use the new ‘expo mode’ feature that can be used to show an instant full-screen presentation for use at trade shows. is a supplement to your business leads group like BNI; providing the necessary social communication tools to follow each member in the group at anytime. With the easy to use profile system, business owners can state what their business does, what a good lead for their business would be, and display an up to date feed showing the number of leads/referrals involving their company. Take a tour at and click ‘Profile Tour’ to see an example profile.

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