Steve Jobs’ Sales Ideas

It’s hard to believe that Steve Jobs has been gone a year now.  His contributions to technology and virtually the lives of each of us are evident on a daily basis.  Almost everyone I know has one version or another of the iPhone.  Additionally, MacBooks, MacBook Pros, iPods, and iPads are prevalent among business professionals, students, as well as stay at home moms and retirees.  Some have referred to Jobs as a genius, a visionary, or a modern-day Thomas Edison.  However you describe him, his skills as an entrepreneur and salesman are to be commended, shared and emulated.

Andy Preston, of Entrepreneur Country discusses some of  these in Sales Lessons From Steve Jobs.

Sales Lesson No 1 – Don’t Be Afraid To Be Different  Steve Jobs was not afraid to be different.  He was high on confidence and low on insecurity.  He did not mind standing out from the crowd or appearing “stupid.”

Are you ever hesitant to try something because you feel other people might think it is stupid?

Sales Lesson No 2 – Love What You Do

Steve Jobs often would say “love what you do”.   Most people love what they do when the job is going well and sales are up.  But can you love what you do when the going gets tough and sales are on a downward trend?

How is it for you?  Do you love what you do?  Or do you need to re-evaluate. 

Sales Lesson No 3 – Turn Your TV Off!

Preston remembers Jobs saying: “We think you watch television to switch your brain OFF, and work on your computer when you want to turn your brain ON”.

Television is tough competition for productivity sometimes.  It’s easy to relax and be entertained, but think of all the positive ways you can improve your sales and career if your tv was turned off.

To read all of the lessons go to

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