Nspire’s Michael Allenberg Shares “Digital Atlanta” Panel Experience

Michael Allenberg, Co-Founder and CEO of perSeev.me is our guest blogger today. Michael was a guest panelist at Digital Atlanta on October 10, 2012.  Today he shares details of his experience.  Congratulations Michael, on being chosen to participate on this prestigious panel of experts.

Digital Atlanta 2012 Technology Showcase Panel

On Wednesday, October 10th, I had the pleasure of participating in the Technology Showcase Panel discussion held at the third annual Digital Atlanta Summit. My name is Michael Allenberg, I am Co-Founder and CEO of perSEEv.me, a Social Media persona aggregator and predictive marketing engine soon to launch in Beta. My Co-Founder, Matt McClendon and I are proud members of Gwinnett Innovation Park’s Nspire Program.

I received the invitation to participate from the panel organizer and one of the key event participants, Dorothéa Bozocolona-Volpe, noted marketing expert, Social Media strategist and owner of @SocialEspionage. The panel consisted of local Atlanta businesses, all start-ups of varying degrees, presenting their business model to the Atlanta technology community. Some of the companies like Blinq Media, recently acquired by Gannett, are late-stage successful businesses employing a variety of individuals in the technology sector. Others, such as Soket, are younger companies still heavily invested in their local communities.

Each of the participants had the opportunity to tell their story in approximately eight minutes to an audience of several hundred. The emphasis was on innovative technologies, but more so on how these technologies are creating jobs locally and building a burgeoning Atlanta Technology Private Sector! After the stories were told, there was a brief Q&A session followed by a chance to network with our peers. All-in-all an amazing experience! One that I definitely want to participate in again next year…

It was an honor to join these gentlemen and the other Atlanta business luminaries on the panel:

Dorothéa Bozicolona-Volpe, Moderator

Charles Lumpkin – BLiNQ Media

Ray Abram – Nearby This

Adam Wexler – Insightpool

Sid Slover – Learn It Live

Michael Allenberg – perSEEv.me

Harry Palles – RocketDispatch

Marcel Crudele – Soket

Sean Cook – ShopVisible

Wen Tian – SnapHop

Stevens Young – Teledini

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