Biggest Rule Breakers Find Success!

There are plenty of “rules” that describe how one should operate a business to be successful.  However, some outstanding entrepreneurs have shown us that there are no absolute right ways or wrong ways to accomplish your goals.  In fact, these five individuals have broken the rules and have succeeded as few have.

In the article The Top 5 Successful Men Who Broke The Rules,  at Addicted 2 Success, Joel writes about five men who stood out and did it differently.

  1. Mark Zuckerberg – Rule Broken: It’s all about the bottom line.    The Facebook co-owner chose to minimize the amount of space allocated to advertising (less than 10%) as opposed to the more typical 20%.  This could have generated higher earnings for his company but Zuckerberg felt that they were making enough money and growing at a rate that they were comfortable with.
  2. Elon Musk – Rule Broken: Stick to what you know.  As founder of PayPal, Musk found great success in the web-based finance area.  Once he sold the company, he chose a totally different path by serving as CEO for two vastly different types of businesses. SpaceX, which develops vehicles for space transport, and Tesla Motors, which is developing electric cars.  By venturing into future technology, Musk has an opportunity to make a huge impact in the world.  If he had continued with what he knew, this would not have been a possibility.
  3. Dana White – Rule Broken: Know when to walk away.  Now president of the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship), White took a risk when buying the company when all indications were that it was a failing enterprise.  Under his leadership, UFC has regained popularity and continues to show continued signs of success.

To read the entire article, go to

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