Stress Relief Made Easy

Stress can affect all of us from time to time. This is especially true during the holiday season.  Most people feel stress more than usual because of the pressures of gift shopping, home preparations and an increase in the number of planned events on our schedule.  According to Monica Wofford, of Entrepreneur, stress relief may not be so difficult.  She has outlined six approaches to living with less stress in our lives.

  1. Don’t take things so personally –   Other people’s actions are typically not something that is being done to us.  Nor is it a reflection of what we ourselves have done.  Often stress results when we think this way and take things too personally.
  2. Change your expectations –  Stress can result sometimes when we expect others to do something or act in a certain way even when we know that such a behavior is highly unlikely.  There is no point in setting ourselves up for disappointment.
  3. Express your needs –  Waiting for others to figure out what we need can lead to wasted time as well as stress.  We need to  express our needs, concerns, or questions as directly as possible.  Once answered, we can get on with the task at hand.
  4.  Don’t make assumptions.  Many people make assumptions based on what we think others are thinking.  Clearly this can lead to incorrect conclusions and thus the wrong course of action.  It is better to learn that we were wrong than to have to fix something that was a result of an assumption.

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Try to remember that our co-workers and neighbors are probably feeling stress as well. We can’t make them behave in a certain way, but we can control our own behavior and actions.  Take a deep breath and try to keep these tips in mind when feeling the stress coming on.  We’ll all enjoy the holiday season more.

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