Does Your Office Have Holiday Spirit ?

The Holiday’s are a busy time for most people and many businesses.  It is also a great time to boost company spirit and remind employees that time with their “office family”  can be fun and relaxed as well as productive.  Aside from the traditional office party there are a number of ways to bring a festive spirit to the office.

Inc. Magazine’s, Janine Popick  writes 6 Ways to Spread the Holiday Spirit and outlines some fun ways to bring your team together at the work place.

  1. A little decor goes a long way – Setting up a Christmas tree, holiday lights, snowmen or wreaths in your office can quickly brighten up the space.
  2. Unleash everyone’s inner sweet tooth – Encourage team members to  bring in their favorite holiday treats.  Maybe even arrange a Cookie Exchange.  Who wouldn’t enjoy some delicious sweets?
  3. Have a festive contest – There are so many options for this.   You could compete for “best decorated work space,” “most creative gingerbread house” or “favorite holiday recipe.”
  4. Donate to a worthy cause – The gift of giving is so rewarding especially this time of year.  You can have a toy drive for foster children, Secret Santa gifts for needy local families, or work at a local food bank or nearby shelter.  There’s also monetary contributions to The Salvation Army, Red Cross or numerous other worthy causes.

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