Credibility Counts

Success in business, particularly start-ups, depend a great deal on credibility.  You need to establish that you are believable and trustworthy to customers, colleagues, as well as investors.

Geoffrey James of describes 6 Ways to Enhance Your Credibility.  He outlines his thoughts based on his conversation with Randall Murphy, President of Acclivus, a professional development firm.  Among them:

  1. Be genuine about who you really are – To gain respect present yourself as an individual. Don’t pretend to be more or different than you really are.
  2. Know the legitimate value of what you provide – Gain a full and complete understanding of what your products and services are worth. Then you can confidently communicate the strengths of your products.
  3. Have insights based on research and analysis  – Learning about a client’s company, the role it plays in the industry, and the customers that it serves provides insight that will be respected. This adds a lot to your credibility.
  4. Listen actively, consider carefully, and respond succinctly – Listen when your customer has something to say and consider what he is trying to get across.  You won’t be seen nearly as credible if  you are always the one doing all of the talking.

To read the entire article go to

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