Need A Small-Business Attorney?

If you think your Small Business may need an attorney, you’ll want someone who is a good fit for your business.   Jane Porter of Entrepreneur Magazine describes in 10 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Small-Business Attorney some important questions to help you find an attorney who you feel comfortable working with.  Among them:

  1. How much experience do you have with my industry? It’s important to try to get referrals especially from companies that are similar to your own.
  2. What is your approach to conflict resolution? You need to decide the type of attorney that you are most comfortable with. Do you prefer one who spends much of their time in court or mediating disputes.
  3. Will there be anyone else handling my work?  Most attorney’s need to delegate a certain amount of work. Be sure that you understand clearly exactly who will be handling what with your account.
  4. Do you have any clients who could create conflicts? Ask if this attorney is working with anyone who could be considered a conflict of interest. This could include competitors or past business partners.
  5. How long do you typically take to get back to people?  You should know ahead of time how accessible your attorney will be to you.  Ask how long you can expect for a phone or email response.

To see the entire article, go to

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