eHub Welcomes Flairtab to Nspire Program: Successful February for Flairtab Includes Nspire and Startup Riot

Flairtab Logo

Gwinnett Innovation Park’s eHub, ( a unique, affordable, low risk space alternative for start-ups, entrepreneurs, independent professionals and teleworkers announced today that Flairtab is its newest Nspire company. Flairtab ( provides doctors’ offices with a Cloud based Television service that allows their patients to be educated, entertained and informed while they wait. In addition to the Nspire Program, Flairtab also participated in Startup Riot 2013 where they had the opportunity to present to investors and the Atlanta startup community in a three-minute pitch, where they were judged a top five company by the judges.

“Our success at Startup Riot 2013 along with joining the Nspire program has helped position us for continued success as we go to market,” said Venus Desai, with Flairtab. “The average wait time for a patient in a doctor’s office is 30 minutes and with more than a Billion office visits in the US, patients waste more than half a billion hours waiting for their Doctor. Our cloud-based plug-and-play solution provides doctors with tools that allow them to use the wait time to educate their patients about their practice, their staff and other services and procedures within the office – all at no cost to the doctor.”

The eHub NSpire program helps spark and support Atlanta technology entrepreneurs like Flairtab by providing them with resources and benefits to help them succeed, including office space at Gwinnett Innovation Park at no cost for one year.

“We are excited to have Flairtab join the Nspire program. The Nspire program is designed to give back to Gwinnett’s technology entrepreneurs and provide them with that lucky break, which is often the difference between a successful venture and a non-existent one,” said Marcy Powers with Gwinnett Innovation Park.

Cloud-Based, Waiting Room Television

The Flairtab solution is a combination of unique hardware and software that connects to the TV and allows the screens to be segmented into multiple zones. This also allows the TV to then connect to the Flairtab cloud, via Wi-Fi at the doctor’s office, where content and advertising for each office is stored and streamed into the waiting room.

The Flairtab service allows a TV within the waiting room to be split into multiple screens or zones. Zone 1 is used to showcase the doctor’s office with information about the staff, physicians, testimonials and other services. Zone 2 is used to stream videos of daily news, health and other stories of general interest to patients. Zone 3 is used for a major medical supplier/pharmacy to stream content about their products and services and location relative to the doctor’s office. Zone 4 is used to display banner ads from local businesses interested in reaching this audience.


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