Easy Referrals For Your Small Business

How does your small business get referrals?  Many entrepreneurs say their new customers come through word of mouth. It is important to understand how that happens and where they come from. Positive word of mouth referrals come from having a strategy that focuses on your client and encourages them to speak highly of you.

Andy Sernovitz recently wrote The 5 Fastest Ways to Get More Referrals for Your Small Business at Duck Tape Marketing.  Sernovitz teaches word of mouth marketing.   His strategy includes the following:

1. Just ask – Have you asked your customers to tell their friends about you and your business? This can be done as they are checking out, a personal note on their receipt, and folllow-up emails.  Satisfied customers are usually glad to talk about you.

2. Focus on the first-timers – Go out of your way to talk with your new customer. Welcome them warmly.  Let them know they are important to you. You only get one chance to meet each new customer. Make sure it’s memorable.

3. …and do something fantastic for the old-timers – Give them something special to recognize their loyal support. Maybe a discount or preview of new products or services. Their experience with your company and loyalty make their referrals stand out as credible and effective.

To read about all of the five ways, go to the complete article at http://www.ducttapemarketing.com/blog/2013/01/31/how-to-get-more-referrals/

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