Online Marketing on a Budget

Small business’ and startups typically don’t have a lot of cash to spend on marketing efforts.  However, there are a number of creative and inexpensive ways to market your business digitally.  Lewis Howes of Entrepreneur writes 5 Online Marketing Strategies for a Tight Budget.  He recommends:

  1. Get endorsed by a local celebrity –  Although many business’ would love to get a national or global celebrity to endorse them, try instead to find a local celebrity. You can find them in your local paper maybe a teacher or a resident who’s doing something positive and good for the community. They should be easy to contact by phone or email. Let them know you’d like to send them a sample of your product or service. Also let them know that you’d like to follow-up for feedback. This input can be important content for your blog or other marketing strategy.
  2. Create a LinkedIn group – LinkedIn groups are free to create. They can be very helpful in offering your professional network an important information source as well as driving traffic to your website.
  3. Get published on niche blog – Look for three-five blogs that target your market. You can then offer a few ideas of how you’d like to bring value to their readers. This can be done with product giveaways, offering blog ideas for their site, or asking for an interview for your own site.

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