American Heroes on Patriots Day

Amid the horror and devastation of the Boston Marathon terrorist bombing,  American patriots and heroes once again exhibited the true American spirit of courage and compassion.  After two bombs detonated seconds apart, hundreds of heroes rushed in to help the wounded without regard for their own safety, unknowing of potential additional bombs.  The marathon is run annually on “Patriots Day,” a civic holiday in remembrance of the beginning of the American Revolutionary War.

Among these countless hero’s were first responders, police, firefighters, doctors, nurses, former NFL players, fathers of fallen soldiers, runners who crossed the finish line and went straight to give blood at the Red Cross center, and many small are large businesses who contributed food, drinks, and other services to all in need.

At the scene, some of the heroes include:

  • Carlos Arredondo  “My first instinct was to just run across the street and start helping the people,” Mr. Arredondo was watching a runner who were there to honor a fallen soldier, his own son, who was killed in Iraq, 2004.
  • Joe Andruzzi former New England Patriots player was also in the midst of the carnage.  He was seen carrying the injured from the scene to where they could receive medical attention.
  • Dr. Vivek Shah an orthopedic surgeon who works at New England Baptist Hospital, ran the marathon and upon completion rushed  to help what he described as “piles of victims.”
  • Chris Rupe surgeon from Kansas, had also just finished the marathon.  For an hour, he tended victims and provided life-saving emergency treatment.
  •  Bruce Mendelsohn  a former medic in the US Army, had been attending a race party nearby. He assisted by using techniques he learned as a medic stopping the blood flowing from wounds.”This stuff is more like Baghdad and Bombay than Boston,” he said. “It was pretty terrifying.”
  • Alasdair Conn a veteran surgeon and chief of emergency services at one of Boston’s biggest hospitals rushed to help as well.   “This is something I’ve never seen in my 25 years here, this amount of carnage in the civilian population… This is what we expect from war .”

These are but a few of the heroes.  There are countless unknowns who offered their help in numerous and critical ways.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to all the victims and families of this senseless cowardly act and our thanks go out to all the heroes.

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