7 Qualities Entrepreneurs Need To Suppress

If you’re an entrepreneur, you are most likely creative, driven, and have great vision. With these outstanding traits sometimes come other qualities that are detrimental to achieving your goals.

Marla Tabaka of Inc. writes in 7 Characteristics That Will Kill Your Start-up, some of the traits that entrepreneurs should avoid.   She outlines seven traits that will make it more difficult for start-up’s to be successful.

  1. Stubbornness –  Many entrepreneurs are quite naturally very emotionally invested in their new products or ideas.  However, entrepreneurs need to be flexible and open to new ideas.  Some of the best ideas still need to be adjusted and changed to be feasible. This is often difficult because they believe so much in what they do.
  2. Arrogance – You know your idea or product better than anyone, so sometimes its hard to accept advice or criticism from others. It’s best to talk with people who have been there before and try to learn from their mistakes. Most entrepreneurs will make  mistakes of their own.  But mistakes and failures most often lead to better ideas and more success. Try to keep moving forward and adjust as needed.
  3. Short-sightedness – When you are starting out it is important to consider what your long-term plans are. If you are primarily focused on the short-term, you may make decisions that may be profitable but not sustainable. Set your goals and work backwards in your decision-making.
  4. Impatience – Getting your business up and running can be very exciting. However, be sure to take it one step at a time. Patience at the onset can lead to much smoother launch. Practice first with friends and family. Experiment and try to work out the kinks before jumping in with both feet and putting your startup at risk.

To read the entire article, go to http://www.inc.com/marla-tabaka/characteristics-that-will-kill-your-start-up.html

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