Apple’s New iOS7 To Help Protect Against Smartphone Theft

Apple announced at the Worldwide Developer’s Conference (WWDC) in San Francisco that the company will be including software in its new operating system, iOS7,  that will help protect stolen smartphone’s from being resold.

The uptick in smartphone theft, also known as “Apple-picking” has been alarming.   In fact, in San Francisco police estimate about half of all street robberies are cellphone related.

The new iOS 7 due out this fall will have an “activation lock” feature. With this, an original user’s  Apple ID and password would be necessary to turn off the “Find My iPhone app” or to reactivate the phone.  Additionally, a message can be displayed on the phone’s screen with owners phone number and a request to return the phone.

In addition to the new safety feature,  Apple’s iOS 7 also provides a brighter color palate; simplified icons; and a new design for some of Apple’s tools, such as iMessage and Calendar; and may new ways to control the device.

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