Remembering 9/11

9:11 Memorial

As we approach the anniversary of September 11, 2001, once again we remember that horrific day.  The fear, the uncertainty, the shock, the anger, the overwhelming sorrow. What started out as a glorious autumn day turned into one of the worst nightmares our country has ever experienced.

But amid all the chaos and carnage, there were so many acts of valor and courage that one can not help but feel deep pride and  gratitude for this great country and our amazing citizens. There were countless reports of heroism on that day. The amazing firefighters, police and other first responders, while facing so much uncertainty, heroically put all others before themselves and bravely fought to rescue and evacuate buildings. So many ordinary citizens, untrained and unprepared, stepped up to help others in need, without a second thought for their own safety. And the courageous men, women and flight attendants on United Airline flight 93 who bravely fought off their hijackers and thwarted their evil plan.

Almost immediately, the American people responded. Firefighters, medical professionals, construction and metal workers came from cities and town across the country to volunteer and lend support. People waited for hours in lines to donate blood at Red Cross offices. Financial donations to numerous charities were at record highs.  Flags flew from homes and businesses across the country, candles burned on porches, prayer vigils were held and moment of silence were observed.

We lost so many good people; our fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, children, and friends. Let us take pause for all who were lost on that day.  As we remember all the victims and their families, and the countless heroes that are gone, let us also give thanks for our great nation and the courageous people who are our friends, neighbors and countrymen.

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