Delegate, Delegate, Delegate and Grow Your Business

Many small business owners think the secret to growing a small business is to work long hard hours day after day.  Actually, the best way to growing your business is the reverse. Delegating work to others in the business is key.  Trying to handle every detail of your business; emails, phone calls, sales, and service will not only personally take its toll on you, but your business will suffer as well.

According to Rieva Lesonsky, who recently wrote Why You Must Learn to Delegate — And How To Do It for Funding Gate:

delegation not only helps your business grow by allowing you to handle more duties, it also makes your employees happier and more loyal by making them feel trusted and empowered.”

 Lesonsky also outlines four steps to successful delegation:

  1. Change your mind-set – Even though you may feel like you can handle everything about  your business way better than anyone else, you need to let go of some of the day-to-day time-consuming activities.  By letting go of such things as replying to every email, and making every sales presentation, you free yourself up to focus on bigger issues such as cash flow, payroll, and potential growth.
  2. Identify activities you can delegate – Some tasks that do not require your level of expertise can easily be handed off, like updating records or filing documents.  Also determine the tasks that you enjoy doing and the ones that you don’t.  Likely some of the ones that you don’t prefer can be delegated.
  3. Identify who can help 

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