Startup Mistakes to Avoid

The number of new startups are growing every year, however the survival of these new business’ over 5 years is unfortunately far less than desirable.  Marla Tabaka of Inc., an entrepreneur coach for 12 years,  describes some mistakes startups need to watch out for in 7 Devastating Startup Mistakes to Avoid.

Included in these are:

  1. Taking it personally – When you put so much of yourself into your business sometimes it’s difficult to separate your business from yourself.  This makes it more difficult to accept criticism, rejection, or mistakes.  When this division is understood, better business decisions will result.
  2. Underestimating expenses and ignoring numbers – Business’ cost money!  When setting the budget for your startup, at least double what you think you’ll need before launching.
  3. Not understanding the role of an entrepreneur – As a new startup, you may need to handle many responsibilities within your company.  However, eventually you will need to focus on being the CEO with a clear vision which includes polices, culture and growth opportunities.

Please read all of the mistakes to avoid at

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