Keep your Keys Safe and Help Avoid Thieves

Think your home and all your valuables are safe while you’re away?  Maybe not.

Elwood W. McKay III

Elwood W. McKay III

Jeff Rossen and Charlie McLravy of Today write in New technology could give thieves key to your door, literally.  They describe a new website called  At this site, a clear photo of any house key, taken with your smartphone, can be uploaded  to the site.  Then a duplicate key for your home can be made.  The software at the site analyzes the grooves of the key from the photo. Then a machine drills out the key’s teeth, perfectly matching the key in the picture.  They will mail the key to you for only $6.00.

“Police recommend you treat your keys like you would your driver’s license or a credit card: Don’t leave them lying around or let anyone you don’t trust handle them.”

To read the entire article, go to

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