It’s Not Too Early To Plan For The Holidays

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Holiday spending expectations are up again this year.  According to Deloitte forecast,  holiday sales could reach $986 billion which is an increase of nearly 5% over 2014.

Raham Rapier of, writes in Deck the Halls Now: Why You Ought to Prepare for the Holidays Even Earlier, the importance of planning ahead this year.  Rapier notes that David Gilbert, CEO and co-founder of San Diego-based National Funding, says “It’s all about planning” and “Knowing your needs up front can avoid a lot of headaches.”

In addition to increasing  advertising and hiring seasonal workers, Rapier outlines three tips for preparing for a special holiday season:

  1. Plan well in advance Typically most businesses look for funding in October, but this year September has had the most activity according to Gilbert.  “…which is a sign of a bigger lead up to the holidays this year.”
  2. Consider short-term loans – Many businesses will want to make sure that they have sufficient inventory, to accomplish this a alternative lender may be a good idea.  Since interest rates are typically higher, be sure to pay these off quickly.
  3. Lease equipment just for the season

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