Work From Home Habits

Many professionals are now working from home.  Some work full time, others part time. There are many advantages to having a home office, but staying productive and effective on the job may require setting some guidelines for yourself.

"Couple Drink Coffee" by Ambro

“Couple Drink Coffee” by Ambro

Jayson Demers of Inc. recently wrote about the habits needed for the remote worker in 10 Great Habits for Working at Home.  Demers outlines the habits including:

  • Establish a designated working area – set a designated space to work without distraction.
  • Dress for the job – getting out of the pi’s and into something at least semi-professional helps your mindset to stay on task.
  • Set hours and stick to them – with a set schedule of working hours, your time will be maximized  and procrastination will be kept at a minimum.
  • Specify tasks for each day– having specific objectives that need to be met each day keeps you focused and on task.
  • Don’t sacrifice face-to-face interaction – meeting with clients and team members from time to time will boost relationships and reinforce work related objectives.

Please read all of the 10 great habits here.

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