iPhone Battery Just Not Lasting ?

Smartphones are great.  iPhone’s in particular are a favorite among many.  However, in spite of all the wonderful things they do for us and how they enhance our lives, their batteries don’t always last as long as we need them to as we conduct our day-to-day business.



Most of the  battery drainers of our smartphones are the features that we love most about them. GPS, internet streaming, and endless apps all take a toll on your battery.  Natasha Stokes of Techlicous discusses some great tips on how to save power by using features more effectively in her article How to Make Your iPhone Battery Last Longer.

Here are some of Stokes Tips:

  • Check what’s sapping the battery – Go to your settings and scroll down to see a list of which apps are using what proportion of the battery power when the phone isn’t charging.
  • Enable airplane mode in areas of poor reception – When your iPhone detects a low signal, it increases power to the antenna so it can stay connected to the cellular network.  This will drain your battery so if you don’t need to make calls, switch temporarily to airplane mode.
  • Use Wi-Fi instead of cellular internet – When possible, use Wi-Fi to save battery life.
  • Turn your phone off once a week – By turning off your phone at least once a week, it will  help preserve the battery capacity.

Please read all of the tips and smart practices to enhance your battery life here.

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