Startup Hiring Tips

Launching your startup requires a good team working with you.  This task of hiring can be a challenge especially with competition from large established companies.  Firas Kittaneh with Entrepreneur describes some thoughts on hiring in 5 Effective Hiring Tips for Early-Stage Startups.

Included in some of his tips are:

“Job Interview” by Ambro

“Job Interview” by Ambro

  1. Be transparent about your needs (and how they may change). – Startups often experience changes in direction, goals and staffing needs.  Informing candidates of the potential for change not only keeps them aware but brings them onboard with realistic expectations.
  2. Build positive relationships with all candidates – Not all candidates are a good fit initially for a startup, but keeping a good connection can prove valuable on many levels such as referrals or potential employment in another capacity down the road.
  3. Make the benefits awesome – Aside from some expensive benefits, there are some cost-effective options available that are desirable to a candidate.   Offering opportunities for professional development and growth in responsibility within the startup, can be valuable incentives.

Please read all of the tips here.

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