You Can Be Financially Independent

Most of us dream about not having to worry about money and being able to live our lives comfortably and freely as we choose.  However, often we are held back from achieving this.

“Dollar” by dream designs


Simon Cave’ with Addicted2Success recently wrote 6 Reasons Why You Will Never Become Financially Free.  He outlines the reasons why people don’t meet their financial goals. He also describes how to change those reasons around including:


  1. You must believe that it is possible – Most people fail because they feel like it is impossible to get to financial independence.  With a lack of belief, then the action needed to get where you desire will not be taken.  Actions such as reading books, attending seminars and talking with those who have achieved financial independence, are important steps.
  2. You need a plan –  Just wanting something will not make it happen.  A plan is needed including a 5 year plan and strategies to reach your financial independence.
  3. Save a percentage of your pay before paying for other things – Before you spend any of your pay, be sure to set aside 10% or so to savings.  Then you can pay  your rent,  loans, groceries, etc.  Saving is crucial and should be your #1 priority.
  4. Only take advise from people who have achieved what you want– many of us listen to our friends, family or coworkers when looking for advise.   However, to get the information that you need, you should only take advice from people who already have the result you want to get.

To see the other ways to become financially independent, please read all of Cave’ article here.

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